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Obi was in bad shape. She started by throwing up, then she lost her appetite, and finally her liver started failing. She tried various medications, but nothing seemed to work. She lost weight and didn’t even have enough energy to chase squirrels in the woods. Her vet questioned why she was still alive. Then she tried laser treatment. 

After a few weeks of treatments twice a week, she started eating again, slowly got her energy back, and saw her ALT number jump to 89. It was as if she was a brand new dog.

Thanks to the Falmouth Veterinary Hospital (Falmouth, Maine) and Dr. Doug Andrews and all his careful care for Obi that included Class 4 Laser Treatment, Obi is happily still enjoying her life with us, and us with her. Here's a bit of that story from Margo's point of view.


Amazing Post-Surgical TPLO Response

My dog recently had a TPLO surgery to repair a torn cruciate ligament. My vet recommended using the laser therapy for post op recovery. I was absolutely amazed with the results. After one treatment she went from toe touching lame to full weight bearing about 50% of the time.

Within 4 treatments she was 100% on that leg. It cut her recovery time almost in half. I was skeptical, I was a licensed veterinary technician for many years and wasn't familiar with laser therapy, but I would absolutely recommend it!



"If you love your pet, do it!"

I have a 15 year old Wheaten Terrier who recently developed degenerated discs in his back. My vet recommended laser therapy for him and let me tell you it's like they hit the reset button. He's walking and jumping he's going up and down stairs no problem. If you love your pet DO IT!!!! it's worth it!


Anna & Cricket

Incredible whorlbone lameness recovery

When whorlbone lameness threatened to separate these two show partners, their family became determined to find a solution. Watch this testimonial to find out what treatment finally provided enough relief to bring them back together.