Stance Analyzer

Detect lameness earlier with this integral tool as part of every single wellness exam. Use objective stance measurement to track and customize treatment protocols for improved patient outcomes.

Utilizing the Companion Stance Analyzer in your practice will take your lameness evaluations to the next level. By providing objective measurements, you will be able to see how a patient is shifting his or her weight in order to determine which limb is affected. This data allows you to better communicate what the next step is going to be for the pet to the pet owner.


Companion Stance Analyzer

  • The Stance Analyzer offers the objectivity you need to draw up the most appropriate game plan that your clients will trust.  Quickly evaluate the way a patient is standing and shifting weight to identify if there is a lameness issue and where to look for it. Keep ahead of lameness with early detection as a standard part of your wellness programs. Give your clients peace of mind and confidence when you know their pets are hurting before they show it.

Product Portfolio and Specifications
Companion’s Stance Analyzer will become an integral part of every patient visit in your clinic, including wellness exams, limping evaluations, and treatment plan rechecks. Collecting a standing weight-bearing assessment removes subjectivity and gives you a simple report that makes it easy to discuss the status of the patient with your client.

The hub of every treatment plan, the Stance Analyzer allows you to collect patient weight, stability information, and individual weight-bearing data for each limb.

The Stance Analyzer includes

- Stance Analyzer laptop with software
  • - Stance Analyzer platform with cover
  • - Remote control
  • - Training resources


Why should you objectively measure lameness?

Identifying lameness before a pet begins to show signs is essential to prescribing proactive, conservative treatment plans.


An essential part of a wellness program, these objective measurements track the history of a patient’s stance and alert you to abnormalities. You can use this data to support your recommendations for additional diagnostics, supplements, prescriptions, or other treatment options when a change is detected.

Objective measurements of lameness are also important to track during a prescribed treatment plan. Monitor the status of the patient’s stance during each recheck to ensure that the success of your treatment plan is supported by data. If progress plateaus, you can use these data points to show your client why changes need to be made.

Communicating your physical exam findings to your clients can be a challenge, especially when what you are seeing and feeling is not visually obvious. The Stance Analyzer allows you to share a colorful printed report that highlights how a pet is bearing weight on each limb to ease the discussion with your client.  


Stance Analyzer

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