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We Provide Solutions

When you are in the trenches, you need a reliable partner who is focused on delivering innovations that provide you with both clinical and practice benefits. Companion is your partner on your journey. Our mission is simple – to make pets better. Companion products are developed by veterinarians, technicians, and industry-leading engineers to provide you with the most appropriate evidence-based technologies.  Together, we will achieve more for your patients and your practice.

Laser physicist Brian Pryor, PhD, founded Companion in 2006. The company’s primary focus was initially on engineering and manufacturing light-based therapies with their flagship line of Companion Therapy Lasers. Companion quickly saw the market need for technology advances outside of the laser therapy category, and in 2014 it expanded its product portfolio to meet that need.

In 2020, Companion was acquired by DJO, now Enovis (NYSE: ENOV), which provided an opportunity for DJO to transform the veterinary industry by commercializing their globally recognized, market-leading recovery sciences products into innovative care solutions designed for veterinary applications.

Our Core Values

Our core values are woven into the fabric of everything we do at Companion.  From manufacturing and education to service and sales you will be treated as a member of the Companion Family. 

- We Tirelessly Solve Problems
- We are Fair and Honest
- We Provide Solutions
- We Innovate
- We are Nice
- We Care
- We Lead 

Companion-manufactured products are produced under stringent quality control systems and are certified to meet ISO-13485 standards for medical devices.  Built on the foundation of quality Companion proudly provides you with products based on evidence, supported by education, and sustained through partnership.


Companion products are based in evidence and provide superior outcomes.  Protocols, techniques, and treatment recommendations are all developed based on a large body of scientific research to ensure you get the best clinical results – every time.  Read more about the science behind Companion products.


The best-educated practitioners achieve the best outcomes. Companion provides educational opportunities to support you during every stage of your journey from product consideration, to adoption and implementation.


Our team of sales, clinical, and customer support resources are here to welcome you to the Companion Family. With Companion on your team, you are assured that you have the best products that will give you superior outcomes.

Companion actively collaborates with teaching institutions, clinicians, and scientists around the world to validate current technology applications and discover new opportunities. Hear success stories from your peers.

Global Reach

Companion products are distributed worldwide and are manufactured in the United States. Companion’s corporate headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas, and its research team is located in Carlsbad, California.

Why Choose Us?

Discover the Companion Difference in Veterinary Care

Our commitment to veterinary excellence sets us apart. As a division of Enovis™ Corporation, we bring forward a synergy of cutting-edge medical technology and veterinary science. Our products are crafted by veterinarians and leading engineers, ensuring that every solution from laser therapies to regenerative medicine is evidence-based, effective, and tailored to support your practice's growth. With Companion Animal Health, you're choosing a partner dedicated to the future of animal healthcare.

Evidence-based technology is the cornerstone of effective veterinary care. It ensures that the treatments and therapies you provide are supported by solid scientific research, leading to better health outcomes for your patients. Companion Animal Health's product portfolio is grounded in rigorous research and proven results, giving veterinarians the confidence to offer the best care possible.

At Companion Animal Health, we believe in enhancing animal well-being by providing advanced, non-invasive treatments that promote faster healing and pain relief. Our solutions like PRP and Stem Cell Therapy harness the body's natural healing mechanisms, offering a drug-free approach to managing acute and chronic conditions. By prioritizing the patient's own cells for regeneration, we ensure a kinder, more natural path to recovery.

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