Companion's revolutionary new platform provides the most innovative combination of laser treatment applications in the veterinary market.

This dual-function laser offers the most advanced platform for photobiomodulation treatments and first-of-its-kind photothermal therapy for low-grade mast cell tumors.* With its advanced software, enhanced dosing technology, and implementation support programs, the CTS-DUO provides you with the most turnkey laser solution ever.

*Available in the United States only


Companion's Top Therapy Laser

Perfect for the innovative clinic, the CTS-DUO has been engineered to provide optimal dosing and features up to 25 watts of energy for photobiomodulation treatments. Equipped with the Empower-IQ and the new XL Deep Tissue Applicator, users may now treat deep, chronic conditions with high irradiance, resulting in better efficacy than ever before. The CTS-DUO includes new and enhanced treatment protocols to help you achieve the most consistent outcomes ever and enables service expansion into treating cancer. 

The CTS-DUO includes

  • - Enhanced photobiomodulation treatment protocols

  • - Optional Companion Nanotherapy Bundle (US only)

  • - Jump Start Program Kick off your laser therapy program from day one

  • - Patient Tracker Easily save & repeat treatments

  • - Perfect Protocol Dosing solutions for every patient

  • - SmartCoat Plus Easily dose common conditions

  • - Species-specific protocols for canine, feline, equine, exotics

  • - Reports allow you to track usage and assist with business solutions

  • - Built-in videos, training, and client education tools

  • - Manual operation for the expert user

  • - Intuitive interface with simple touch-screen operation

  • - Loaner provision Never spend a day without a laser

    Exclusively Available with the CTS-DUO

  • - 5 application-specific treatment attachments Including the New XL Deep Tissue Applicator

  • - 4 years of warranty


Empower IQ Delivery System

The Empower IQ is designed to provide users with real-time feedback during treatment to ensure treatments are being administered consistently to maximize outcomes.

  • - Haptics provide sensory feedback to guide users on the correct handpiece and movement speed.

    - Colored LED light indicators provide visual instruction 

    - 4 quick-release application-specific treatment attachments

    - Patented Deep Tissue Applicator

    - Integrated finger switch operation

    - Extra durable fiber optic cable

Empower Handpiece



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