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Companion products, protocols, and treatment recommendations are developed from years of scientific research and evidence to ensure superior clinical results.

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Companion is committed to supporting its customers with continuous education opportunities during product consideration to adoption and implementation.

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Companion’s sales, clinical, product development, and customer support teams actively engage with customers and collaborate with academia, clinicians, and scientists around the world to facilitate partnership across all stakeholders.



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Advanced Veterinary Care

Innovative Therapies for

Your Practice

Discover a world where veterinary science meets the latest in medical technology. At Companion Animal Health, we are dedicated to enhancing the quality of animal healthcare with our innovative laser therapies, rehabilitation solutions, and diagnostic services.

Our evidence-based technologies are specifically designed to advance your practice and provide exceptional care to your patients. Created by veterinarians for veterinarians, every product in our portfolio is engineered for precision, efficacy, and ease of use.

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      • - Advanced Regenerative Therapy
      • - Rehabilitation & Pain Management Solutions
      • - Diagnostics for Accurate Treatment
      • - Proven Portfolio of Veterinary Products
      • - Educational Resources for Continuous Learning
Why Choose Us?

Discover the Companion Difference in Veterinary Care

Our commitment to veterinary excellence sets us apart. As a division of Enovis™ Corporation, we bring forward a synergy of medical technology and veterinary science. Our products are crafted by veterinarians and leading engineers, ensuring that every solution from laser therapies to regenerative medicine is evidence-based, effective, and tailored to support your practice's growth. With Companion Animal Health, you're choosing a partner dedicated to the future of animal healthcare.

Evidence-based technology is the cornerstone of effective veterinary care. It ensures that the treatments and therapies you provide are supported by solid scientific research, leading to better health outcomes for your patients. Companion Animal Health's product portfolio is grounded in rigorous research and proven results, giving veterinarians the confidence to offer the best care possible.

At Companion Animal Health, we believe in enhancing animal well-being by providing advanced, non-invasive treatments that promote faster healing and pain relief. Our solutions like PRP and Stem Cell Therapy harness the body's natural healing mechanisms, offering a drug-free approach to managing acute and chronic conditions. By prioritizing the patient's own cells for regeneration, we ensure a kinder, more natural path to recovery.

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Real Stories of Veterinary Success

Hear from the dedicated veterinarians who have transformed their practices with Companion Animal Health's innovative solutions.

From enhancing patient care to advancing treatment protocols, these testimonials underscore the tangible impact of our technologies in the field of veterinary medicine.

Companion Laser Therapy to Tampa Veterinary Hospital has helped offer pain relief to both cats and dogs with great success! A letter from a client just came in today:

“Hi Dr. Webster....I wanted to let you know how well Ally is doing on the Laser Therapy. I think this is the best thing ever for her arthritis. She is doing better on the the laser therapy than she was on the adequan. She runs and bounces like a4 year problems getting up. She still walks 3 miles every morning. She does it a little slower but then she is almost 12. The best thing is she no longer has GI issues. I think it's wonderful!”

As a veterinarian and business owner buying this laser was one of the best choices I could’ve made for my hospital. This is state of the art technology. I can’t wait and look forward to treating more animals!

Melissa Webster 2021

Melissa Webster, DVM


I formerly used a PRP system which required two hours for processing and required many steps that only trained technicians could perform. Our outcomes using PRP alone for joint injections did not always result in any improvement. After years of frustration with this product, I decided to try the the Companion Regenerative Therapy (CRT) PRP system. I had read research performed by Dr. Brittney Carr-Benson and Dr. Sherman Canapp which demonstrated a product rich in platelets, low in red blood cells, and low in white blood cells. The processing time is less than 30 minutes and my outcomes for tendon injuries and mild osteoarthritis have been exceptional. The processing is very
easy to perform with exceptional instruction and demonstration in the beginning. I am very pleased with my decision to switch
PRP systems.

Lisa Mason

Lisa Mason, DVM, CCRT, CVA, CVPP

Owner and lead veterinarian at Florida Veterinary Rehabilitation

Today a six-year-old female spayed cat presented for dyspnea and lethargy. Aside from the dyspnea, tachypnea, and absent lung sounds, the physical exam was normal. The patient tested negative for FeLV/FIV, the chemistry panel was unremarkable, and the CBC had mild leukopenia. The pleural fluid was sampled and evaluated using Cellfie. The patient was diagnosed with lymphoma within the hour!

Cellfie’s state-of-the-art technology, prompt turnaround, and exceptional customer service have elevated our quality of care. The staff has confidence in the equipment, the pathologist reports, and the process overall. We are very pleased we chose Cellfie.


Robert Jordan, DVM

Owner, Kona Veterinary Service and Waikoloa Veterinary Service