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Companion Diagnostic Tools

As veterinary care advances, patients and clinical staff benefit greatly from solutions that streamline workflows, trim costs, and provide expedited results for real-time diagnosis and treatment.

Stance Analyzer

Companion's Stance Analyzer is an integral tool for every patient visit, including wellness exams, lameness evaluations, and treatment plan progression checks.  Collecting a standing weight-bearing assessment removes subjectivity and gives a simple report that makes it easy to discuss the status of the patient with your client.


  • Clinical Applications

    The Stance Analyzer is an essential component of wellness, lameness, geriatric, orthopedic, and recheck exams, as well as pain and weight assessments and sports medicine evaluations. 



The gold standard has gone remote. Meet Cellfie®, your in-house clinical pathology solution. Cellfie is a revolutionary platform that utilizes remote-enabled technologies to provide you real-time clinical pathology services for point-of-care decisions. Cellfie enables board-certified clinical pathologists to remotely access its microscope to perform clinical pathology services as if they are evaluating the sample right there with you. *Available only in the United States


Clinical Pathology

Cellfie facilitates an end-to-end clinical pathology process that delivers actionable results during the patient's visit. Now you can get real-time answers for real-time decisions. Offering an extensive menu of consultation options, Cellfie can accommodate your clinic's needs for the following sample types:



Diagnostic Tools


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