Cellfie® Clinical Pathology 

**Currently available only in the United States


The gold standard has gone remote. Meet Cellfie, your in-house clinical pathology solution.

Cellfie is a revolutionary platform that utilizes remote-enabled technologies to provide you with real-time clinical pathology services for point-of-care decisions.

Cellfie enables board-certified clinical pathologists to remotely access the microscope to perform clinical pathology services as if they were evaluating the sample right there with you.

A League of its Own 

Cellfie is not your run-of-the-mill slide scanning/remote clinical pathology service.

  • Point-of-care results

      • Take advantage of real-time communication with a clinical pathologist to deliver valuable results with pet owners on-site and improve treatment compliance

  • Real-time remote analysis of samples

    • Clinical pathologist-controlled sample analysis ensures that the sample is adequately examined for accurate interpretation and diagnosis

  • Increased in-house diagnostic capabilities

    • Offer enhanced point-of-care services and drive additional revenue through increased treatment compliance and convenience

  • 1:1 Virtual case consultation

    • Expedite decisions for the next steps of treatment and/or diagnosis

  • Early, more definitive results

    • Elevate the level of care when it’s needed most for improved outcomes

  • Same-day service

    • Strengthen relationships with your pet owners for improved satisfaction and loyalty

  • Medical concierge service

    • Enhance staff training and quality assurance to minimize non-diagnostic samples and ensure high-quality samples for analysis

  • Ongoing education and support

    • Experience peace of mind with the Companion commitment to product training and continued education


Available Sample Types


Included With Cellfie®

  • White glove installation

  • Concierge service

  • 5-year service contract

  • Field service technicians

  • Clinical pathology service

  • Clinical pathologists available for 1:1 consultation

Cellfie Step-By-Step

Cellfie facilitates an end-to-end clinical pathology process that delivers actionable results during the patient's visit. Cellfie is designed to give you real-time answers for real-time decisions. With Cellfie, you can get accurate results in as fast as 45 minutes*


  1. 1. The sample is collected and submitted for consultation on the Cellfie system

  2. 2. Your Cellfie medical concierge reviews your slide to ensure its diagnostic quality and submits it to the clinical pathologist

  3. 3. Your clinical pathologist remotely accesses your Cellfie microscope and assumes control to examine the sample at different magnifications and focal planes

  4. 4. Discuss results with the pet owner, plan additional diagnostics, or schedule treatment during the appointment

The Cellfie Advantage

Once your case is submitted for review, your clinical pathologist receives notification and accesses your Cellfie system. Your slide is viewed as a high-quality, high-resolution slide using the gold standard method of microscopic evaluation—remotely. Your clinical pathologist can navigate the slide and change the focus, magnification, and illumination with the click of a button.


While scanning systems use single-layer scans and algorithmic functions for analysis, the Cellfie system enables a live, board-certified clinical pathologist to evaluate every layer of the slide remotely.

Cytology of Mass and Growth

Cytology of mass and growth

Blood Smear

Blood Smear

*Times may vary

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