CRT System

The Companion Regenerative Therapies System processes both Companion’s PurePRP® and PureBMC® for platelet-rich plasma and stem cell applications.

The CRT system enables practitioners to treat acute and chronic orthopedic and soft tissue injuries with minimally invasive, drug-free therapies. Treat your patient from the inside out.


- Variable Time
- No Brake/Soft Brake Enabled
- End Cycle Notification
- Imbalance Safety Shut-Off
- Emergency Lid Release

CRT System 

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May 29, 2024 by Lisa A. Miller, DVM, CCRT

The Use of Platelet Rich Plasma in the Treatment of Degenerative Joint Disease in Cats: An Exploratory Case Series

LINK TO FULL STUDY Authors: Janice Huntingford1 Andrea Looney2 James Johnson3 Lisa Miller3* 1Essex ...

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May 29, 2024 by Companion Studies

A Preliminary Report on the Combined Effect of Intra-Articular Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections and Photobiomodulation in Canine Osteoarthritis

LINK TO FULL STUDY The purpose of this pilot study was to evaluate the combined treatment of ...

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May 21, 2024 by Admin

Mythbuster Series: #1 Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cell Treatments Take a Lot of Time

In the veterinary hospital, a major component revolving around the integration of a new therapy is ...

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