Empower IQ Delivery System


Empower IQ Delivery System

Smart Design. Smart Delivery. Smart Dosing. 

The Empower IQ gives you the feedback you need to deliver the most accurate laser therapy treatments ever.

Empower Handpiece

The smartest delivery system

  • The Empower IQ is designed to provide users with real-time feedback during treatment to ensure treatments are being administered consistently to maximize outcomes.

    - Haptics provide sensory feedback to guide users on the correct handpiece and movement speed.

    - Colored LED light indicators provide visual instruction 

    - 4 quick-release application-specific treatment attachments

    - Patented Deep Tissue Applicator

    - Integrated finger switch operation

    - Extra durable fiber optic cable

  • Available on the CTX-IQ and CTS-DUO


Empower IQ Delivery System

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