CRT PureBMC® Kits

Fast, point-of-care solution for all of your stem cell applications

The PureBMC® kit provides all of the necessary components to concentrate mesenchymal stem cells exponentially while reducing hematocrit content within 30 minutes.


The PureBMC® Kit includes

  • - 60 mL Vaclock syringe

  • - Jamshidi needle

  • - 3 60 mL syringes

  • - 1 bone marrow filter

  • - 60 mL Concentrating Device

  • - 30 mL Concentrating Device

  • - 10 mL syringe

  • - 3 mL syringe

  • - Sterile drape and kit lot labels

  • - 30 mL of Heparin accompanies each kit (packaged separately)



CRT PureBMC® Kits

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