Cold Compression Kit

Cold Compression

Combine the effects of cryotherapy and
intermittent compression in one simplified system

The Companion Cold Compression kit provides an easy to use solution for icing muscles and joints while applying intermittent compression to reduce edema. Frozen gel packs are inserted into adjustable wraps that are connected to a rechargeable pneumatic pump for icing muscles and joints while pumping oxygenated blood into the area and edema out. Help your patients alleviate swelling and inflammation while enhancing healing with this unique therapeutic device.


Companion Cold Compression

  • Provide the added support your patients need with Companion’s Cold Compression Wrap. The combination of ice and intermittent compression quickly reduces pain and inflammation, resulting in accelerated patient recovery after surgery or injury. Get better results and better client perception with the Cold Compression System.

Product Portfolio and Specifications
The Companion Cold Compression Wrap supports your team’s efforts by streamlining your post-operative and post-injury therapies. Use the Cold Compression device in your clinic or sell wraps to your clients for home use to maximize patient outcomes.  

Your staff can efficiently administer ice using a hands-free approach with the added clinical benefit of intermittent compression to elevate your post-operative treatment compliance.


Why Cryotherapy with Active Compression?

Cryotherapy is one of the oldest forms of physical therapy


It creates an anesthetic effect to reduce pain, causes vasoconstriction to decrease swelling, and minimizes tissue metabolism to improve healing. Intermittent compression mimics a muscle contraction to push fluid back into the lymphatic system for a reduction in swelling while enhancing blood flow to deliver more oxygen to the injured area.

The fusion of cold and compressive therapy with the Companion Cold Compression Wrap aids in healing patients faster and gets them moving better. Get the powerful benefits of these two therapies all in one compact system with the Companion Cold Compression Wrap.

Cold Compression


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