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Today a six-year-old female spayed cat presented for dyspnea and lethargy. Aside from the dyspnea, tachypnea, and absent lung sounds, the physical exam was normal. The patient tested negative for FeLV/FIV, the chemistry panel was unremarkable, and the CBC had mild leukopenia. The pleural fluid was sampled and evaluated using Cellfie. The patient was diagnosed with lymphoma within the hour!

Bob Jordan, DVM Owner, Kona Veterinary Service and Waikoloa Veterinary Service


Great for Many Conditions

Having used the Companion Therapy Laser for several years, the results we've seen for different medical conditions has been extraordinary.

From wounds, chronic ear infections, osteoarthritis, skin conditions, to post operative treatments, the laser is an awesome tool to complement drug therapies.


Helping to Reduce Pain Medications

"I’ve been using cold laser therapy in my small animal clinic since 2013 after training for the CCRT. I was very impressed with the therapeutic results achieved by a board-certified pain management specialist for some conditions in his patients."

"I observed favourable results from use in cases of skin and graft healing, muscle injuries, and for reducing swelling and speeding up cartilage and bone repair after surgery. I was also able to reduce pain medication requirements in chronic arthritis cases. It can be a very useful tool to assist in the care of some diseases."