PTX Therapy Laser

PTX Therapy Laser

The most advanced equine therapy laser system available.


Perfect for innovative high-tech users, Pegasus's premium therapy laser has been engineered to produce the outcomes you demand while supporting both new and experienced staff with real-time guidance. 

The Empower delivery system provides the versatility you need to treat your toughest cases. Four application-specific treatment heads, the patented laser-contact ball, and the toughest fiber available make Pegasus therapy lasers clinically practical and ruggedly durable. A heavy-duty extended-length fiber allows you to safely and easily treat patients without moving the system.


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The PTX Therapy Laser includes

  • - Patient Tracker to easily save and repeat treatments

  • - Reports that allow you to track usage and assist with business solutions

  • - SmartCoat Plus Technology to easily dose common conditions

  • - Optional canine & feline protocols

  • - Manual operation for the expert user

  • - Intuitive interface for simple touch-screen operation

  • - Backup fiber

  • - Empower DS delivery system for versatile treatments

  • - Battery operation for true portability


Peg Heads


PTX Therapy Laser

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